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Our Approach

Historically, the majority of drug development based on microbial biotechnology has focused on introducing specific beneficial bacterial species or other compounds to the gut or skin with the goal of restoring the correct balance of bacteria. These approaches have had limited success in the clinic and companies focused in these areas have struggled to identify and validate the underlying mechanisms behind how these drugs may work to impact disease.

HOST has taken a different approach. HOST’s compounds work in the following ways:

  1. By interacting with the immune system to regulate potentially damaging inflammation.
  2. By aiding proliferation of positive bacteria in the gut by supporting the growth and metabolism of species involved in positive immune modulation and/or natural protection against certain pathogens—either through their metabolic or structural activity
  3. By preventing certain pathogenic microbial species from attaching to and damaging intestinal cells.

Despite being a relatively young company, we have been working in the field of microbial biotechnology relevant to human health for many years. HOST was formed out of Clasado BioSciences, a company that has spent more than 10 years researching the effect of compounds on human gut microbiota. Clasado leadership started HOST as a new venture focused on developing therapeutics that target the dynamic interaction between the human GI barrier, and certain beneficial microbiota.

While at Clasado, HOST scientists developed patent-protected technology which combines our experience in microbiology, enzymology (glycosidases) and carbohydrate chemistry to develop small carbohydrate-based molecules that fight disease.

Our People

Leadership Team

Graham Waters
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Chapman
Head, Global Regulatory Affairs
Jon Boleat
Head of Finance
Brett Sousa, MBA
Head of Corporate Strategy and Commercial Development

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